Mesa Minerals Limited

Over recent years, Mesa has put together a portfolio of patents in Australia and internationally that protect three interdependent patentable concepts, which taken together provide the potential to produce high purity manganese electrolytic products and high quality manganese rich fertiliser products, at a cost structure that is world competitive.

The low cost structure results derives from the ability of the Mesa process to use low grade manganese dioxide ore sources, and even high tenor manganese wastes from other industries, which in many instances are not otherwise usable and may even be a ‘cost of production’ for that other industry. Mesa’s patents cover:

  • The use of a modified sulfur dioxide leaching process to selectively remove manganese ions from a leach solution without the production of dithionates and other complex oxides of manganese, thus enabling the creation of manganese sulfate electrolyte highly suitable for the production of granular manganese sulfate (GMS) for use in the fertiliser industry, high purity electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) for use in the battery industry and high purity electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) for use in the steel and electronics industries;
  • The use of selective solvent extraction reagents to separate manganese ions from other metal ions in high tenor manganese waste solutions, thus enabling their use as feedstock for the abovementioned products; and
  • The production of micronutrient fertiliser from the wastes streams of EMD and EMM plants, such waste streams having been ‘pre-conditioned’ by Mesa’s sulfur dioxide leaching process.

The following simplified process diagrammatic representation shows how all the possible feedstocks, patented processes and products link together. (NB: In practice, the process flow sheet for a specific plant would be designed around the feedstocks available and the local product market demands and would not contain all these elements.)

Product Overview

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