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Li-ion/Manganese Battery Keeps Rolling On
This is my site Written by Alan on July 22, 2008 – 5:59 pm

In amongst the hundred’s of battery articles that appear on the web every week, two separate recent articles, both about the same new application of the manganese variant of the lithium-ion battery, stood out from the crowd.  

Why was this so?  Well for me it was because this new application epitomized four key points about the whole ‘new generation’ vehicle battery debate.   The articles can be viewed via the following links:

What this new application demonstrates clearly is:

  • That the power delivered, compared to the weight of the battery, is a key factor when comparing vehicle batteries technologies. A scale that the LiMn form rates very well on.
  • That the ability to build a battery in uncoventional shapes is important. Witness the aerofoil shapes of some earlier electric bikes and the flat panels desined to keep a low centre of gravity in some car models. Not that this application is at all unconventional, being designed into the space previously taken up by the petrol engine.
  • That stability and robustness is very important for a battery technology to be generally accepted and what better way of demonstrating this than by putting it in a trail bike.
  • That straight electric applications are a much better solution than hybids, in 80%+ of all vehicle user applications, whether that be on two wheels, four wheels or more!

From the selfish perspective of a HiTec shareholder, these new applications of the lithium-ion/manganese technology, simply mean more demand for lithiated manganese dioxide and the high purity EMD from which it is produced. In turn it will mean it will mean more demand for our production technology for making high purity EMD from low grade manganese ores, which by the way is all that the EMD producers can buy in this hot manganese market, unless of course they have their own high grade mine in the backyard.

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