Mesa Minerals Limited

Mesa Minerals Limited (“Mesa”) is a Western Australian based company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code ‘MAS’. As of 30 April 2008, the company had approximately 3,600 shareholders with the top 40 holding just over 32% of the shares on issue and no single owner holding more than 4%. Shareholders and investors may access further information on Mesa directly from the ASX website at Mesa share market information or view announcements at Mesa ASX Announcements

Mesa was originally registered in October 1984 and spent most of its corporate life as Sovereign Resources (Australia) NL, a minerals exploration entity. It was the quest to extract value for shareholders from the medium grade, high iron, manganese ore occurrences on its exploration tenements that led Mesa down the mineral processing technology path, rather than the exploration path it had been following. This quest has now resulted in Mesa holding a suite of interdependent patents that have been conceived to enable the production within Western Australia of high value manganese products from the medium to low grade manganese oxide ores found in the State. In this regard the process is particularly suitable for use when the manganese oxide ores are ferruginous and cannot be readily beneficiated.

Mesa’s core strategy is to become a producer of high quality electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) and, as a co-product, a much sought after micro-nutrient fertilizer product (MNF) that can be made from the EMD waste stream of a plant employing Mesa leaching technology. High quality EMD is the electrical power source of alkaline batteries that drive many of the electronic devices used in today’s mobile world and is a key ingredient in a number of lithium manganese battery chemistries. MNF is a slow release bio-leachable fertilizer that enables more precise fertilizer regimes to be applied to agricultural lands, thereby inhibiting the adverse effects of pollution caused when more readily soluble forms of fertilizers are washed into streams and waterways, resulting in algae blooms.

The Company also aims to exploit the economic and environmental advantages of its proprietary processes by becoming a technology provider to other entities seeking to produce high quality manganese products, without the high costs and environmental problems associated with current technologies, and by utilising these processes itself to make other products, such as granulated manganese sulfate (GMS), where this can be done on a compatible basis with EMD production.

In April 2008, Mesa entered into a Farmin and Joint Venture Agreement and a Sales Agency Heads of Agreement with Auvex Metals Limited (Auvex) under which an export oriented manganese lump ore production joint venture will be formed to exploit the manganese ore resources of the Company’s Ant Hill and Sunday Hill mining leases.

The parties believe that these leases can sustain a substantial annual production tonnage of a ‘40% plus’ grade manganese lump ore, with high iron content, that is viewed as very desirable by regional manganese alloy producers. The joint venture will also pursue opportunities for beneficiation of the lower grade ores and secondary processing, within Western Australia, of the ore fines resulting from the export of lump ore.

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